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Are desserts bad for you?

Are desserts good or bad has been a decade old question that has got most of us thinking. Desserts are a confectionary item that have often been a conclusion to our meal, which is generally sweet. If you are a person who has an uncontrollable sweet tooth, then you are not alone.

While most of us who have been thinking of adopting a healthier lifestyle, having a sweet tooth causes a hindrance as giving away those ooey-gooey things is a difficult process.

But the real question still remains: are desserts really harmful and major components which constitute are:

  1. The ingredients in your dessert

  2. The quantity of dessert that you are consuming

  3. The frequency at which you consume

The major contributing factor are the ingredients that make up your dessert. Dr. Walter Willett, chairperson of the department of nutrition at Harvard School of Public Health once quoted “Combinations of sugar, white flour, butter and trans fat are diabetes on a plate,” and these are basically all things that compose your favorite dessert.

Your sweet cravings don't necessarily have to be your cookies, cake or ice cream. It can be as simple as fresh fruit or desserts made with healthy constituents of the later counterparts.

What does the traditional desserts do to your body?

Weight gain : The most important change that we all have noticed is the gain of those few extra pounds when one is on a constant change that we all have seen when one is one a sweet spree. The reason being all those heavy calories that desserts have.

Added Sugars : As per dieticians not more than 10% of your daily calorie should be constituted from sugar. But as desserts are high on this added sugars, they often constitute ~40% of the calorie for the day.

The Guilt : If you are someone who is trying to eat healthy and be fit, eating something that is full of calorie and fats may trigger the feeling of guilt.

Few tips which will help you from all those bad things and still keep you satiated and satisfied.

  • Try consuming desserts made of counter substitutes to traditional all purpose flour, sugar which can be your whole wheat four, almond flour, natural sugar or add in the seeds and nuts just to give them a healthy touch.

  • Do not go on a denial as restriction may lead to binge eating which in turn may do more harm than good.

  • Try to prepare your own desserts and make it healthy using natural sweeteners like honey, maple syrup, etc.

Eating what you love is not bad at all, just keeping it in proportion and knowing what you feed in your body will help you a lot.

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